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Sustainable Durham


About Sustainable Durham

Sustainability is the idea of meeting the demands of the present time without compromising resources for future generations while balancing the ideas of social equity, a developed economy, and environmental conservation. 

Sustainable Durham strives to make our community as sustainable as possible. In August 2021, Durham was awarded Sustainable CT Bronze- level Certification through the Sustainable CT Certification Program. Our town met high standards in a broad range of sustainability actions to qualify for this recognition.  Follow Sustainable Durham and Complete Streets Durham CT on Facebook to learn how you might help make Durham a greener, more equitable, and more sustainable place to live and thrive! 

Click here to read the Town of Durham Sustainable CT Certification Report!


Sustainable CT Actions:

1) Inclusive and Equitable Community Impacts
2) Thriving local economies
3) Well-stewarded land and natural resources
4) Vibrant and creative cultural ecosystems
5) Dynamic and resilient planning
6) Clean and diverse transportation systems and choices
7) Renewable and efficient Energy infrastructure and operations
8) Inclusive Engagement, Communication and Education
9) Strategic Materials Management
10) Optimal Health and Wellness Opportunities
11) Healthy, Efficient and Diverse Housing
12) Effective, Compassionate Homelessness Prevention
13) Innovative Strategies and Practices

How to Live More Sustainably:

- Compost food waste.
- Replace single-use plastic and films with reusable wraps, tote bags, containers, and utensils.
- Reduce fertilizer and pesticide use.
- Carpool or use mass transit when possible.
- Walk or ride a bicycle. 
- Turn off lights and electronics when not in use.
- Unplug appliances not in use.  
- Remove invasive plants from your property.
- Plant native vegetation in your yard to help pollinators.  
- Recycle waste items correctly. See “A Guide to Recycling” or Recycle CT Wizard for answers.  
- Buy products with less packaging.
- Turn off your water heater when you go on a trip. 
- Repurpose or upcycle items!  


Sustainability Resources: 

Sustainable CT
Invasive Species Identification and Removal Resources
Take the Pollinator Pathway Pledge!
Complete Streets Conceptual Plan
A Guide to Recycling
REI’s Opt to Act Checklist