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Sustainable Durham


Let’s make Durham a greener, more equitable, and more sustainable place to live and thrive!


About Sustainable Durham

Sustainable Durham strives to make Durham as sustainable as possible, working towards certification through Sustainable CT.

Nine categories as set up by Sustainable CT:

Thriving local economies
Well-stewarded land and natural resources
Vibrant and creative cultural ecosystems
Dynamic and resilient planning
Clean and diverse transportation systems and choices
Efficient physical infrastructure and operations
Strategic and inclusive public services
Healthy housing options
Inclusive and equitable community impacts

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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the idea of meeting the demands of the present time without compromising resources for future generations while balancing the ideas of social equity, a developed economy, and environmental conservation.

Quotes from Sustainable Durham members:

"It is important to pay attention to the maintenance of Durham's uniquely historic/cultural resources and celebrate our diverse cultural experiences."

"Resilient community planning allows quick recovery from natural events, such as storms, by creating a micro-grid and using porous pavement and green real estate."

"We should encourage a 'downtown' accessible to cyclists and pedestrians that also has options for electric vehicles."

"Healthy housing options are buildings that support the inhabitants comfortably and efficiently, are mixed use, and have affordable options."

What Does Sustainability Mean to You?


What We Do

We are a non-profit group comprised of interested citizens working on directed projects to make our town friendlier to the people, the economy, and our planet. 

We have divided into working groups for each of the 9 categories (see above) and are working to implement our projects.

We are always looking for new members!

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