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    Laura L. Francis
    Email:  lfrancis@townofdurhamct.org
    Phone:  860 349-3625
    Fax:      860 343-6733

    Office Hours: M-F 8:30-4:30

    Executive Assistant: Beth Moncata

    Board of Selectmen: 
    John Szewczyk - Selectman   jszewczyk@townofdurhamct.org 
    George M. Eames IV  geames@townofdurhamct.org

The First Selectman, as the Chief Executive, is responsible for the procurement and administration of all functions and services required by the Town Charter and Connecticut General State Statutes. The First Selectman also serves as Chief of Police and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet with the First Selectman?
Yes, the First Selectman maintains an open door policy, but it is always better to call in advance to schedule an appointment.

How can I request that an item be included on the agenda for a Board of Selectmen's meeting?
Call the Executive Assistant, or put your request in writing. If you are not sure whether your issue is a matter for the Board of Selectmen, call the office for a referral to the appropriate department.

May I attend Town meetings?
Yes, all Board and Commission meetings are open to the public. Although generally there is opportunity for public comment, if you want consideration of your issue, ask to be included on the agenda.

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