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Durham Middlefield Interlocal Agreement Advisory Board (DMIAAB)


Agendas and Minutes:  

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Meeting Schedule:  2021 Meeting Dates
Waste Haulers/Collectors:

Cover Letter Solid Waste Collection

Registration for Solid Waste Collection

Checklist for Solid Waste Collection

Waste Hauler/Collection Hours:  Commercial waste collectors of residential waste from Durham and Middlefield including MSW and all recyclables must be delivered and unloaded between the hours of 6:45 AM to 7:45 AM on Monday and Thursday, or the hours of 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday subject to a delivery schedule approved by DMIAAB. Commercial waste collector vehicles must be restricted to 20 yards or less.
 Draft Regulation:

 Draft regulations regarding Waste Haulers/Collectors 

Proposed Regulation Waste Haulers

Additional Resources: Household Hazardous Waste Collection

A  Special  Town  Meeting  on  October 18, 1971 approved the adoption of the Interlocal Agreement between Durham and Middlefield regarding a shared refuse transfer station.  This agreement was entered into pursuant to Sections 7-339(a) through 7-339(l) and Section 8-35d of the Connecticut General Statutes.  The duration of this agreement shall not exceed forty (40) years or the useful life of the Durham-Middlefield sanitary landfill, whichever comes first, subject to Section 1-5 of the agreement.

Powers and

To furnish or provide for the joint use or benefit of Durham and Middlefield, services, personnel, facilities equipment, or any other property or resources, for any one or more of the following purposes or uses: a) garbage collection and disposal, b) refuse collection and disposal, and establishment and use of public dumps, c) the construction, operation, maintenance and improvement of the Durham-Middlefield Sanitary landfill area for the purpose of disposal of waste material.


Durham Charter, Chapter 6-3.  Durham Code of Ordinances, Chapter 13.  Connecticut General Statutes 7-339(a) through 7-339(l) and Section 8-35d and Bylaws as follows this section.

Appointing Authority:   

Town Meeting from each participating town (Durham and Middlefield) shall elect members to DMIAAB.

Term of Office:    Two years
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

Eight members; four from each municipality

Current Board Members:

Durham Members:         
Brendan O'Connell, D, 6-30-2021 
Steven Koerber, U, 6-30-2021 
Dominic DelVecchio, Chairman, R, 6-30-2022
Ronald Capozzi, D, 6-30-2022

Middlefield Members:           
Charles Zieminski
Frank Petrella
Howard Weissberg
James Gibbons