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Public Safety Facility Renovations Planning Committee

Agendas and Minutes:  

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Meeting Schedule:  2016 Meeting Schedule
Project Summary and Schematic Design Report:

Public Safety Complex Compilation Draft Report

Project Summary

Schematic Design Report

Powers and Duties:  

Public Safety Facility Renovations Planning Committee Charge:

  • The Committee shall consist of 9 members with the option for
    appointing more members if needed. Members will be appointed
    by the Board of Selectmen.
  • The terms of office shall be for the duration of the project and
    until the committee is discharged.
  • The Committee shall elect its own Chairman, Vice-Chairman
    and Secretary and shall establish a regular meeting schedule.
    All records of the Committee shall be filed with the Town Clerk
    and open to public inspection in accordance with applicable State
  • Members shall serve without financial compensation.
  • The Committee shall not have a budget of their own, but may
    request funds for specific purposes through the Board of Finance
    and Board of Selectmen process.
  • The Committee shall review prior studies regarding public safety
    renovations and space needs.
    The Committee shall consult with
    the Chiefs of Service of each public safety department.
  • The Committee shall consult an expert opinion on mold remediation
    of the town owned houses.
  • The Committee shall create biddable building plans to incorporate
    the Volunteer Fire Department, Volunteer Ambulance Corps,
    Emergency Management Department, Office of the Resident
    State Trooper and Fire Marshal on the current firehouse site,
    including town owned property adjacent to the firehouse.
  • The Committee shall create an RFP to be managed by the town’s
    Finance Director.
  • The Committee shall participate in the Grant Application process
    as needed.
  • The Committee shall interface with Town Hall management and
    staff during the planning process.
  • Upon completion of the planning project, the Committee shall
    make a complete report and accounting to the Board of Selectmen.
  • The Committee shall assist the Board of Selectmen in presentations
    at Town Meetings, Budget Meetings, Public Hearings, etc. as needed. 
Appointing Authority:    Board of Selectmen
Term of Office:    Until project complete
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

9 members/ 5 member quorum

Current Board Members:

Disbanded with gratitude by Board of Selectmen 12-16-2019


David Heer, Co-Chairman
Andy Meiman, Co-Chairman
Edward Mik, Jr.
Duncan Milne
Frank Behrens
Sue Wimler
Chris Flanagan
Frank Giantonio
Carlton Stoup           
Tom Wimler
Rob Chadd
Francis Willett