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Welcome to the Town of Durham's

Official Website

   Here you will find both fast and convenient access to municipal services and departments as well as information about Durham’s history and its many exciting natural attractions.  Each page has icons on the upper right corner that will give you a printer friendly copy of the page you are viewing along with the opportunity to email that page to a friend.
This website is designed to make as many municipal services as possible available to you online.  You can pay your tax bill, lookup assessment information or take out a building permit from the convenience of your home as well as find important information about programs, events and municipal meetings quickly and easily.  The goal of our website is to place all municipal government at your fingertips, but please be rest assured that our staff at the Town Hall are ready to assist you with any business you may have in a friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and respectful manor throughout the day.
Thank you for your interest in our Municipality and I trust you will enjoy our small town feel along with our fantastic rural charm.

George M. Eames IV
First Selectman

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