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Procedure to Request Certified Copies of Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage) Online:

Follow the steps below to request a certified copy via email.  Please note, certified copies will be mailed to you (certified copies cannot be emailed or faxed).

  • Make an online payment to the Town Clerk at: https://client.pointandpay.net/web/TownofDurhamClerk/

    Payment Type: Vital Statistics
    Amount: $20.00 per certified copy
    Complete Cardholder Information and continue through the prompts until payment is confirmed

  • Complete, sign and date the appropriate application (birth, death or marriage).  Application Link

  • Email completed application, copy of your I.D., address for mailing the certificate(s), and confirm in your email that payment has been made online.  

    Town Clerk: kgarvis@townofdurhamct.org
    Assistant Town Clerk: ncharest@townofdurhamct.org

    Staff will confirm that payment has been received and process your request.