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Durham Volunteer Ambulance Corps Inc.


Lou Brockett
Chief of Service
205 Main Street P. O. Box 207
Durham, CT 06422
Non-Emergency:  860-349-8366

Authority: On November 10, 1976, the Durham Volunteer Ambulance Corps Inc. of Durham, CT and the Town of Durham entered into an agreement authorized at a Special Town Meeting of the Town of Durham on July 26, 1976. The DVAC existed previously but needed to enter into an official agreement with the Town of Durham in order for the workers to be covered by workmen's compensation insurance.

Agendas and Minutes:

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Meeting Schedule:
  2020 Meeting Schedule

Bylaws: DVAC Bylaws, Bylaws Revision Draft

Ordinance: Ordinance to Provide Property Tax Relief for Emergency Services Volunteers

Constitution of Board/Quorum: 11 members shall constitute a quorum.

Powers and Duties: The Durham Volunteer Ambulance Corporation Inc. shall provide ambulance services to the citizens residing and located in the geographical area known as the Town of Durham. It will provide emergency medical services for the sick and injured.

Appointing Authority: Applications for active membership shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing. When a vacancy exists, applications shall be acted upon in the order of their submission to the Secretary. A committee of at least three to interview the applicant shall be appointed by the chief. A report by the committee shall be made to the chief. The candidate will go through a rigorous orientation process in addition to the standard training. All members must go through a thorough background check. The prospective member also attends several hours of OSHA, HIPPA, Homeland Security (NIMS) and regulatory training.

Term of Office: Active membership of this corporation is limited to thirty-five years. 

History: The Roberts-Strickland Post Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc., was organized in Durham in October 1949, by members of the American Legion Post No. 184, and incorporated in 1950. Initially, most of the Ambulance Corps members were Legionnaires. As the membership of the Corps gradually changed, the number of people belonging to both organizations dwindled and little remained in common between the Legion and the Ambulance Corps. In 1971 the two separated and the Corps changed its name to The Durham Volunteer Ambulance Corps.