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Skating Pond Committee


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Meeting Dates: Skating Pond Yearly  Meeting Dates
: Created by the Board of Selectmen 12-10-2020

December 10, 2020

The skating Pond Committee, re-formed by the Board of the Selectmen on December 7, 2020, is hereby charged with investigating and recommending to the Board of Selectmen a safe and feasible skating area to be enjoyed by the residents of the Town of Durham, including but not limited to:
• Contact Conservation Commission and Public Works Department to discuss proposed repairs and solicit input regarding proposed upgrades
• Make applications to the Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Agency for proposed repairs and improvements
• Generate firm monetary figures for berm repairs, water outlet/level control structure, light and water pumping system
• Meet with risk control representative from CIRMA for recommendations regarding risk control measures
Additionally, they will recommend to the Board of Selectmen any budgetary impacts for

Appointing Authority:  Board of Selectmen

Term of Office:

Constitution of Board/Quorum:
Five members

Current Board Members:

Jim DeLuca, R 
Phoenix Ronan, U, Chairman 
Scott Genest, R
Richard Pasieka, R
Sue White, D 
John Jenkins, ex-officio