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Public Safety Facilities Project

Public Safety Renovation Project Informational Meeting: 7:00pm, January 17, 2019, Firehouse

This meeting will be the first of 3 anticipated meetings about the proposed renovation project that will include the two town-owned houses next to the firehouse. Future dates to be announced. Details of proposed changes to the plan as it was left will be discussed at the upcoming meetings.

Committee Details:

In 2008, a town committee was charged with developing plans to consolidate Durham’s public safety agencies by making use of structures on town-owned properties.
Considerable time was spent studying and making some improvements to the site and developing plans that would address the needs of the respective agencies.
A set of schematic plans was presented in 2013. The overall size and projected cost of the entire project depicted in the schematic was deemed unworkable.
The committee was encouraged to pursue a phased approach and revise its original plans. Members of the Town’s Historic District Commission lent valuable assistance to the redesign process. 

The Town of Durham is now ready to present the revised renovation plans for its public safety facilities.

To view the Public Safety Complex Compilation Draft Report see link below:

To view the revised renovation plans see the link below:

The 2013 Project Summary and Schematic Design Report:

To learn more about the Public Safety Facility Renovations Planning Committee please visit the PSFRPC webpage.