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Durham Activity Center

The Durham Activity Center (DAC) was established in 2010 to be used by our residents and guests for recreational, educational and community building activities.

Sherry Hill
Recreation Director/Activity Center Contact
Jaclyn Lehet
Social Services Coordinator
P.O. Box 428
350 Main Street
Durham, CT 06422

Here's what's happening at the Activity Center:


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Senior Cafe'  

DAC Inclement Weather Policy

The Durham Activity Center will follow District 13 weather closing policies. When District 13 closes school for the day, the Activity Center will also be closed for all day and evening activities.  When District 13 closes school for a ½ day the Activity Center will close at 1:00pm. When District 13 has a 2 hour delay the Activity Center will open at 10:30 am for activities.

Activity Center Use Policy

Durham Activity Center Use Form

Mission Statement

The Durham Activity Center (DAC) was established in 2010 to be used by the residents of the Town of Durham and guests for recreational, educational and community building activities.


General Regulations

The Durham Activity Center is a public building space under the jurisdiction of the Town of Durham and is therefore subject to all appropriate local, state and federal rules, regulations, ordinances etc. regarding such facilities.


Organizations that practice discrimination regarding race, color, age, religion, religious creed, sex, physical handicap, national origin, ancestry or marital status will not be permitted use of the DAC.


This policy is to help prevent damage to a Town facility, provide for the safety of users of a Town facility and to protect the Town of Durham from unnecessary liability or expense in connection with the use of a Town facility. 


It is the desire of the Town of Durham to encourage individual and group responsibility by center users within the scope of sound management practices, common sense, and fairness, with utmost respect for the facility, the landlord and patrons. 


All rules and regulations shall be administered in a manner that will provide maximum enjoyment while providing for the safety, convenience and rights of all patrons.  Individual rights will not be extended if they are in conflict with the adopted rules and regulations and/or interfere with the rights and privileges of the majority of patrons.



The Board of Selectmen is responsible for the overall administration of the Center.  The Durham Recreation Director is responsible for the daily administration and supervision.  The Durham Recreation Committee and Durham Senior Citizen Committee, in cooperation with the Durham Recreation Director will be responsible for programming.  Additional personnel will be assigned in accordance with available resources to meet program needs.


Facility Restrictions and Rules

1.       No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the building.

2.       Use, possession, sales or distribution of drugs, or drug related paraphernalia is prohibited and subject to legal action.

3.       No posting of political literature is permitted.

4.       The Town of Durham assumes no responsibility for any personal property left on the premises by participants.

5.       The Town of Durham assumes no responsibility for personal injury that results from reckless or irresponsible behavior.

6.       Alcohol consumption in the Center is prohibited without prior approval of the Board of Selectmen and proper insurance documentation.

7.       Children, Grade 5 and younger must be accompanied by an adult while visiting the Center unless enrolled in a supervised program.

8.       Loitering and excessive noise outside of the Center and adjoining property is prohibited.

9.       Harassment of any kind is prohibited including sexual or any involving race, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.

10.   Damage to personal or public property will not be tolerated.  The Town of Durham reserves the right to seek relief from any willful damage to personal or public property.

11.   No skateboarding or rollerblading inside or outside the Center.

12.   No pets will be allowed in the building except for pet therapy, service, and certified dogs.

13.   If a situation warrants medical intervention, the Center staff will call 911.

14.   The onsite Recreation Director, or designated staff member in his or her absence, has absolute authority to interpret the rules.

15.   Occupancy will be determined by the Fire Marshal and strictly enforced.

16.   The First Selectman may close the Center due to inclement weather.

17.   The First Selectman may choose to use the Center for emergency use.

Responsibility of User

1.       Inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to violence, vulgar language, threatening, weapon possession, explosives possession, dangerous actions, lewd behavior, stealing, vandalism and gambling are prohibited and subject to expulsion from facility and/or legal action.

2.       Participants who are suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to leave the facility.

3.       Participants found in possession of drugs, explosives and /or weapons, or those that engage in other illegal activity will be referred to the Connecticut State Police and may be subject to suspension for period of time from use of facility.

4.       All equipment is to be used responsibly, and for its intended use only.

5.       All trash and recyclables are to be placed in proper receptacles.

6.       Report any problems to the Recreation Director.

7.       Set up, breakdown or clean-up of any program or activity is the responsibility of the user group.

8.       Individuals and/or groups responsible for the willful or malicious damage to facility or equipment will be required to pay for said damages.

9.       Abusive language and/or disruptive behavior affecting Center patrons or staff, shall be reason to exclude an individual and/or group from participation in accordance with a progressive administration of discipline.

10.   Continual dominance of facility and equipment by individuals, to the exclusion of others, shall be discouraged in an appropriate manner by Durham Recreation Director.


Use of Kitchen Area

1.       All organizations bringing in food items must supply their own eating utensils.  Please use disposable dishes and flatware.

2.       All trash must be taken to trash receptacle at the rear of the building.

3.       Nothing is to be left on the counters.

4.       No food should be left in the refrigerator.

5.       Spills anywhere in the kitchen area should be cleaned including the microwave, refrigerator, counters, sink and floors.

6.       All counters, tables and chairs must be wiped down after each use.

7.       All tables and chairs must be returned to original positions or storage.


Food Dispensing Policy

The Center does not have a full service kitchen.  A refrigerator and a microwave oven may be provided.  The facility allows for the following:

  1. Serving of Senior Luncheon Program.
  2. Delivery of foods prepared by a licensed/registered food establishment.
  3. Reheating of small food portions and making of snacks.
  4. The refrigerator may be used for storing pre-made salads and casseroles, juices, soda, milk, cream(ers), water, fruit and vegetables. 

Procedure for Requesting Use of Center

1.       All requests for the use of Center shall be made in writing using the approved town application form and sent to the attention of the Recreation Director at 30 Town House Road, P.O. Box 428, Durham, CT 06422.

2.       The Center’s calendar of events begins in September.  Scheduling decisions will be made on a quarterly basis: August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1.  Should your group need to use the building monthly, or more frequently throughout the year, please include all dates required.

3.       All applications received after the quarterly deadlines will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

4.       The Center can be used by Town of Durham agencies, employees, non-profit agencies, and community organizations.  The Center cannot be used for private parties or for fundraising activities.

5.        The Town of Durham reserves the right of first claim to the use of the facility.

6.       Applicants shall refrain from selling or promoting a product for profitable gains at the DAC.

7.       When the nature of the event warrants, the sponsoring agency shall arrange for police traffic control, additional custodial coverage, supervision, or any other service not normally provided by the regular operation of Center.  Any additional fees shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring agency.

8.       Any fees, if required, must be paid in-full, no less than one week in advance of the activity.

9.       Notice of cancellation of events must be made 24 hours in advance (48 hours, if event is scheduled for a weekend).  Any event cancelled without notice that is scheduled outside of the regular building hours will forfeit any fee that has been paid. There will be no cancellation fee charged when cancellation is due to inclement weather.

10.   If required, arrangements must be made in advance to sign out a key to the facility by contacting the Recreation Director at 860-343-6724.   If the event is scheduled for after 5:00 p.m. or on Saturday, Sunday or an observed holiday, the key must be picked up the business day prior to the event.   It is the responsibility of the user to return the key as directed by the Recreation Director.


Insurance Requirements

Insurance, as recommended by the Town’s Insurance carrier, will be required at the discretion of the Recreation Director based on type of activity.


Fees and Charges

There are no membership dues or fees to use the Center.   However, there may be fees associated with participation in certain programs or additional fees associated with custodial services, security, traffic control or other additional fees not normally provided by the Town of Durham.  Non-residents may be allowed to register for select programs with or without a non-resident surcharge depending on program design.

Amendments and Revisions

The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to amend and revise this policy when it is deemed in the best interest of the Town of Durham and/or its residents.


Sign in Procedures/Registration/ Membership
All visitors will log-in their name, date, time and reason for visit.