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Peddler & Solicitor License

Peddler License Issued:

Permit #   Name Expiration Date  Business 
2018-2  Nicholas Sheltra-Burleigh 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen 
2018-3  Thanh Nguyen 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen
2018-4 Nicholas Trifari 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen 
2018-5 Conner Morgan 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen
2018-6 Amanda Staron 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen
2018-7 Harry Hackley 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen
2018-8  Erik Zanker 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen
2018-9 Cortland Young 04-04-2019 Renewal By Andersen

Political candidates, action groups, religious organizations.
(not regulated by this ordinance). 

Citizens Campaign for the Environment 

Requirements, Fees and Application Process

All peddlers and solicitors are required to apply for a permit to do business in the Town of Durham.

A permit will be issued by Town Clerk office after proper application procedure and approval by the First Selectman. Background checks are required of all applicants.

License Requirements and Fees
Peddler Solicitor Application
Licenses and Miscellaneous Business Regulations
Town Ordinance Chapter 1-10: Penalties