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Peddler & Solicitor Permits

Permit #   Name Expiration Date  Business 
 No current applications    

New Permit Fees:  Effective 6-12-2018
Initial Peddler Permit $90.00 
  First Peddler Renewal $  5.00
  Second Peddler Renewal $  5.00 
Solicitor Permit  $80.00 

The increased fee includes $75.00
for background check. 

All peddlers and door-to-door solicitors are required to apply for a permit to do business in the Town of Durham.
A permit will be issued by Town Clerk's office after proper application procedure is followed and approved by the First Selectman.  Background checks are required of all applicants.

The application is available online (see below) or at the Town Clerk's office.

Refer to the following Town Ordinances regarding Peddler/Solicitor Permit and Fines:   

Peddler Permit application and process

Schedule of Fees Peddler and Solicitor Permits

Licenses and Miscellaneous Business Regulations

Town Ordinance Chapter 1-10:  Penalties