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Durham Senior Citizens Board

Agendas and Minutes:  

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Authority:               Created by ordinance passed at Town Meeting on November 13, 2001.

Meeting Schedule:

 2017 Meeting Schedule revised

Powers and

Senior Board Ordinance

Appointing Authority:    Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.
Term of Office:    Three year terms
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

9 members who are Senior Citizens of Durham. A simple majority constitutes a quorum.

Current Board Members: Elaine Melvin, Chairman, D, 2019
Stuart Keating, D, 2019
Norm Hicks, D, 2019
Beverly Pedersen, R, 2018
Karen Thody, R, 2018
Carol Kleeman, R, 2018
Vacancy, D, 2017
Jim Martinelli, R, 2017
Henry Coe, R, 2017
Doug Marden, D, 2017
Jaclyn Lehet, Ex-officio member
Sherry Hill, Ex-officio member, U