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Ethics Commission

Agendas and Minutes:  

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Meeting Schedule:

2019 Meeting Schedule

Contact Information: ethicscommission@townofdurhamct.org
P. O. Box 594
Durham, CT 06422
Authority:               Created by Town Charter Revised 2006
Ordinance passed 2-19-08 at Town Meeting
Powers and

2008 Ethics Ordinance  
2012 Amendment to Ethics Ordinance 
Ethics Ordinance Incorporating First Amendment


Code of Ethics
Acknowledgement Form
Advisory Opinion Request Form
Ethics Complaint Petition

Appointing Authority:    Board of Selectmen
Advisory Opinion:   

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Term of Office:    Three years
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

Five regular members; three alternate members

Current Board Members:

Marvin Ide, R, Vice-Chairman, 4-30-2022 (2nd full term)
Vacancy, U, 2019
Janet Thompson, D 2021 (1st full term)
Nicole Maletta, D, 2020 (partial term 10/23/17 to 4/30/2020) 
Brenda Cowett, R, Chairman, 2020 (2nd consecutive full term)

Dr. Michael Good, Alternate, D, 2021 (1st full term; expires 4/30/2021)
Peter Donecker, Alternate, R, 2020 (1st full term; expires 4/30/2020)
Nancy Morand, Alternate, U, 4-30-2022 (1st full term)