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Board of Finance

Agendas and Minutes:   

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Meeting Schedule:  2018 Regular Meeting Schedule Revised 
2018 Regular Meeting Schedule
Budgets: Town budgets
Authority:               Town Charter, Section 5-1 to 5-1.9,  and Section 7-340 and additional appropriate statutes of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut.
Powers and

1. Preparing the Town Budget
2. Setting the property tax rate
3. Approving deficiency and special appropriations and transfers between appropriations.
4. Determining how town financial records are to be kept.
5. Arranging for the annual audit of town accounts.
6. Publishing the annual town report.

Sections 7-340 to 7-349 of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut and additional appro-priate statutes, Sec 5-1 to 5-1.9 of the Town Charter,  and the Handbook for Connecticut Boards of Finance by George W. Hill.
Appointing Authority:    General Town Election    
Term of Office:    Six years
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

Six members. Four members constitute a quorum.

History The Board of Finance was created by action taken at a town meeting on September 24, 1956, under the appropriate statutes, and charged with the responsibility of formulating a budget to be presented at the annual town meeting. (Durham, CT Century of Change)
Current Board Members: 6 members (4 members constitute a quorum)
Molly Nolan, D, 2021
Chuck Stengel, R, 2021
Laurie Tuttle, R, Chairman, 2019
Loraine Coe, R, 2019
Nancy Cuomo, R, 2023
Robert Donahue III, D, 2023